Walking Washington Park

August 18, 2009

When we are in Anacortes, most mornings we walk the “trail” that meanders through Washington Park. It’s really not a trail at all but a 2.3 mile one lane paved road that is closed to cars until 10 AM each morning. We always go around counter-clockwise because the first part of the trail runs along the North shore of the park which offers fantastic views of Rosario Strait and the San Juan Islands. If we time it right, we also get to see the 7:45 AM Washington State Ferry heading out toward the islands.

“Washington Park sits on a peninsula at the west end of Fidalgo Island. The [heavily wooded] 220-acre city park features camping, a boat launch, and day use picnic sites.”

Washingto Park in Anacortes

Washington Park in Anacortes

All of islands in this area are of volcanic origin and more or less mountainous. Washington Park on Fidalgo Island is no exception. The elevation gain is almost 500′ in the 2.3 miles of the trail and since you finish right where you started, the elevation loss is 500′ as well!

Washington Park Scenic Loop Elevation Chart (counter-clockwise)

Washington Park Scenic Loop Elevation Chart (counter-clockwise)

“A scenic 2.3-mile loop road winds through the park’s forested hills and meadows with views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains.”

The single lane road winds through the old growth forest of Washington Park

The single lane road runs through the not-quite-but-almost 'old growth' forest of Washington Park

And finally, there are the panoramic views from the scenic overlook that is alongside the road high above Burrows Channel. The view to the southeast is Burrows Bay with Mt. Erie in the background.

The view to the southwest has Burrows Channel, Burrows Island and Rosario Strait. The Olympic Mountains can be seen in the distance, some 50 miles away.

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