The View from our Parking Spot

August 17, 2009

On this year’s PNW vacation, we experienced more than a week of poor weather which is unusual for August but yesterday things got back to normal. The air was clear, the sky was blue and the reflection of the sky on the water was unbelievably blue so it was time to take the annual “view from our parking spot” photo.

Whenever we’re in Anacortes, we stay with friends on the west side of Fidalgo Island in the section known as “Skyline.” They live high on a hill overlooking Burrows Island. The views out our windows, from our patio and even from our parking spot, are all breathtaking. Maybe Budget Rental should reimburse us for the fantastic view that their car is currently enjoying.

The view at sunset this evening wasn’t bad either!

Stefani August 19, 2009 at 8:37 am

wow. I can’t imagine seeing such a sight ever day out my windows!

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