Kiwanis Sunrisers of Anacortes, WA

August 15, 2009

How would you like attending a meeting every Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM, year round? It might be tough getting up, huh? Would it make it any easier if this was the place where you were going to meet?

Skyline Beach Club Cabana Building on the South Shore of Burrows Passage

6:00 AM at the Skyline Beach Club Cabana Building on the South Shore of Burrows Passage in Anacortes, WA

Besides needing coffee, you might have to fight the distraction of passing sailboats.

Sailboat in Burrows Passage

Sailboat in Burrows Passage approaching Rosario Strait

…but there are more important reasons for the meeting beyond breakfast and the beautiful location; fellowship with fellow Kiwanians, the planning of public service projects and a weekly presentation by an interesting guest speaker. This week, it was Lynn McDugle.

Lynn McDugle of Anacortes is a volunteer who works with Wheels for the World

Lynn McDugle of Anacortes, a volunteer who works with Wheels for the World,
has made four trips to Ghana to distribute wheel chairs.

Ever since her son decided to collect wheel chairs for the handicapped in Ghana for his Eagle Scout project 17 years ago, Lynn McDugle has been involved in collecting and distributing them herself. She told us there are two kinds of people who come for help when she is in Ghana, those who crawl to the distribution site and those who are carried. All of them are outcasts from society because of their disability so no one but family members will help them but many of them have been abandoned by their families. Their stories are truly heart wrenching.

The distribution team meets with each person to determine their particular need and outfit a wheelchair accordingly. They let the recipient know that the wheel chair has been given to them in the name of Jesus. To date, more than 54,000 wheelchairs have been donated and distributed in Ghana.

I was really moved by this presentation and hope to find a way to help. “Wheels for the World” is a ministry of Joni and Friends’ International Disability Center. Information is available here.

Stefani August 13, 2009 at 10:56 pm

Well I don’t know how you ended up at this meeting, but the view is lovely and inspiring, indoors and out.

Jerry M August 17, 2009 at 8:08 am

Very nice write-up to go with the photos, Rick. You “done good!” Our Anacortes Kiwanis Sunrisers Newsletter editor will probably put not only the photos but also the paragraphs you wrote into the next issue. Thanks for doing what you do! You know, I’m certain, that you and Judy are our best and most favorite houseguests! j&p and Corbin

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