Deception Pass State Park

August 25, 2009

Every year, we spend some time at Deception Pass State Park. It’s one of most beautiful State Parks imaginable and only eight miles from where we stay in Anacortes. Park Facts: 4,134 acres, 14.5 miles of saltwater shoreline, 38 miles of hiking trails, over 300 campsites and three lakes with 6.5 miles of shoreline. Below is a picture of what the Park’s Bowman Bay looked like yesterday afternoon while some boats waited out the thick fog in Rosario Strait that had crept into the bay as well.

The bridge at Deception Pass State Park connects Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island. It consists of two spans, one over Canoe Pass (511′ long) and one over Deception Pass (976′ long) for a total length of over a quarter mile! The bridge is about 180′ above the turbulent water below. The exact height depends on the state of the 14′ tide. Caution: looking straight down from the bridge can be a little scary. In the picture below taken from a park trail, you can see a rivulet of the fog sneaking in under the main span of the bridge.

At peak current (sometimes reaching 9.5 mph), there’s a 4.5′ water level difference from one side of the Pass to the other and almost 900 million gallons of water rush through with every change of the tide.

By evening, the advection fog in Rosario Strait had dissipated so I went up to the ridge at Marine Heights to photograph the sunset. The building lot where I took this picture is available for $499,000! I think it’s worth every penny since my picture only represents about a fifth of the overall panoramic view from the spot where I took it. (On a really clear day, you should be able to see Vancouver Island from here.)

The image below is the full 180° panoramic view from Marine Heights. Hold your arms out sideways – the view in this panorama extends from your left hand all the way to your right. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Stefani August 27, 2009 at 8:54 pm

So you bought it, right?

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