For the last 24 years, we have vacationed mostly in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). In that time, we have explored much of the coastal areas of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia but, no matter how much time we spend there, we'll never be able to experience all of its many wonders; the people, towns, farms, forests, fields, mountains, the freshwater streams and lakes, the saltwater straits, bays, tidelands, islands and shoreline.
Some of the highlights of our 2009 vacation are recorded here. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we did living them.

Mt. Rainier – Day 1

August 6, 2009

Locals simply call it “The Mountain”. It’s a 14,000 foot active volcano that provides a dramatic backdrop for the sea level city of Seattle that is only 40 miles away. Fortunately, there hasn’t been an eruption in the last thousand years but they say that the two craters at the top are hot with escaping volcanic gas.

We drove to the Sunrise recreational area of on the northeast side of the Mountain and hiked the trail to Dege Peak, a great walk filled with wildflowers in bloom and fabulous views.

Mt. Rainier – Day 2

August 7, 2009

Today we hiked the most beautiful trail we have ever seen. 3.5 miles of beautiful mountain views combined with a continuous show of wildflowers. The wildflowers we identified were Broadleaf Lupine – blue, Pasqueflower Seedhead – white, Magenta Paintbrush and Rosy Spirea – red, Arrowleaf Groundsel and Smooth Mtn Dandelion – yellow.

“This trail is one of the most popular hikes in the park. It is 3.5 miles long and has 500 feet of elevation gain. It provides hikers with breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier and subalpine flower fields.”

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Paradise Lost

August 8, 2009

As we left our hotel at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, the fog was right down to the ground and, as we drove around “The Mountain” from the Sunrise Visitor Center on the northeast side to the Paradise Visitor Center on the southwest side, we tried to remember from previous visits the sights we were missing. The […]

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Paradise Remembered

August 9, 2009

We spent a wonderful day in Paradise on Mt. Rainier in 2005. Here are a few of our memories.

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